I get a lot of questions from parents, asking me when is a good time to book a photography session for their baby.

Right from the time they’re born, children go through a lot of different phases as they’re growing. Each of those stages is exciting and new, not only for the baby but also for the parents.

Here, I have listed the 6 ages of your baby when you can book a professional photo session for them, each stage being special in its own way.

Baby photography is about making time stand still and cherishing these moments 

  • Day 1- 15

This is the Newborn photography age. A lot of new parents are overwhelmed during this period and miss photographing their babies at this age. But this is the most special stage to photograph a baby when they’re tiny and delicate and curly. They still have their old skin and hair that they had in the womb and I find that very beautiful. At this age, newborns sleep a lot if they’re content, which makes it easy to photograph them too.

  • 2- 3 Month

If you’ve missed out on booking a Newborn session, you can always photograph your babies during this stage. At this age your baby is still a newborn but they now have new skin and hair. This is the time when your baby starts reacting to you. Catching them as they learn to smile is a great photograph to have.

  • 4- 5 Month

This is when your baby gets their tummy time- they will lie easily on their tummy and even roll to their back. They really start developing a personality by this age, they have a lot of expressions and laugh easily. Photographing them at this stage is fun because there are so many interesting things going on with them.


  • 6- 8 Month

At this age your babies are sitters. They will even crawl if not sitting. It’s easy to interact with babies at this stage because they are reciprocative and happy. This is also when they grab things and everything goes in the mouth. All these make for amazing pictures.


  • Year 1

By this age your baby has grown and changed a lot. They start standing and walking. They also show signs of understanding words and trying to babble words. They get distracted easily too, which makes photographing them a very hands-on session. At this stage of a baby’s development parents realize how quickly their child is growing and turning into a little person.

  • 2- 5 Years

By this stage your child has grown. They are ready to drift away from the nest and go to school. Before you send them off into the world, you could book a session and capture their moments of living carefree. At this age they are very playful and great at make-believe and role-playing. From hosting a doll tea-party to becoming a superhero, they dream of doing and becoming whatever they fancy. Their fantasies make for a brilliant storytelling photo session.


Child photography is about making time stand still and cherishing these moments 

The first few years of your child’s life are filled with a lot of firsts. Each stage of your baby’s growth has unique and important milestones. My advice to parents is to book at least one photo session of your baby as they start their journey of life, because they grow up in the blink of an eye.